How Wearables Devices Can Benefit from AI Technology?

Updated on: 1 Mar, 2023
How wearable devices benefits from AI Technology

AI-enabled technology has the power to boost the capabilities of today’s wearable devices and analytics, no matter trade, field, and wearer.

AI for your Sports and Wellness

Today, several wearables place confidence in standard sensible assistants, like Alexa or Siri in Apple Watch. once Amazon unrolled its Mobile accent Kit, it became potential to insert Alexa directly into a wearable, not forever with success tho’. within the meanwhile, some wearable development determined to equip their systems with custom, intelligent assistants that surpass sure tasks rather than going general-purpose. And it paid off.

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As per Sensoria Fitness, “Mara computing coach provides real-time, actionable, audio and visual feedback on metrics that assist you to improve performance whereas decreasing your chance of injuries. She cheers you up to stay you motivated however additionally provides reminders once your running kind falls outside of planned parameters. Mara can tell you not solely, however, way and the way quick, however, well you run.”

Wearables are nice at vacuuming up health, fitness and biometric information; AI Software Loves Data.

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AI Wearable : Fitter Better – Healthcare

Connected devices and AI-enabled technology square measure possible to extend the lifetime and improve life quality. Wearables play a major role during this outlook because the simplest, most convenient tools to gather health information, monitor and move with users on the go. Here’s however medical and care wearables use AI analytics to accelerate their performance.

Propeller Health unrolled associate degree open API for air service that predicts the changes in respiratory disorder conditions insure locations. the corporate uses machine learning to analyze data from varied respiratory medication intake and environmental conditions and forecast potential respiratory disorder attacks.

“The marketplace for wearable technology is increasing steadily. Around 115 million wearables were shipped in 2017, which is 10.3 percent more compared to 2016.”


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A team of Waterloo researchers found that applying to compute to the correct combination of information retrieved from wearable technology might discover whether or not your health is failing. It’s engineered around an AI that crunches the wearer’s health and fitness information to fuel smart voice coaching features, aimed to stay users motivated to attain their fitness targets.

Smartwatches are quickly turning into the well-liked possibility forthose that need to fancy the most recent in IT while not having to lug around a laptop personal computer. Industry analysts are predicting 18 percent growth in the smartwatch market by 2023.

Researchers with the Computer Science and AI Laboratory (CSAIL) at MIT recently designed a Samsung smartwatch with next-gen AI, effectively giving it the flexibility to provide social coaching to those that suffer from severe anxiety or Asperger syndrome.

Kiwi, a brand new school startup that makes a specialty of AI, recently developed an app called Cue. Designed to help users quit smoking, the tool provides a program that works over the course of your time. By sensing specifically once and wherever you interact within the habit, Cue makes it potential to line your own goals and keep track of your progress toward quitting smoking permanently.

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And smartwatch apps aren’t just for consumers. The Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport launched a shot to explore the quality of smartwatches inside their daily operations. They’ve outfitted their entire janitorial team with a wearable school that offers them instant alerts once a region wants cleanup or mating. The app being used, called TaskWatch, is as well as Bluetooth sensors within the restrooms that count the variety of guests. an automatic alert is shipped to the janitorial team once 150 customers have responded to. Janitors WHO answer the alert can earn points that may supplement their financial gain. The airdrome hopes for a political candidate rollout of the technology in 2023.

The Future of Wearable Tech

Nobody will deny the progress that mobile technology has created, and it’s done therefore during a remarkably short amount of your time. With smartwatches among the most common choices in wearable school, alternative devices, as well as smart eyeglasses, are simply on the horizon. specifically what we’ll see next within the variety of wearable it’s anybody’s guess, however, the innovation is actually here to remain.


“We have solely begun to bit the surface of AI’s potential with wearable technology,” Ecosmob leadership says. “You’ve got decades of computing that counsel chips, antennas, and devices can get smaller, quicker and more practical. It’s getting to happen, however simply not tomorrow.”

Smartwatches l Fitness Trackers l VR l Hearables l AR

You need right development partners to understand your needs and craft customized and state of art AI development company. Leverage the benefits of this future ready wearables with AI technology. Ecosmob Technologies offers various solutions and services, moreover earned a reputable position in industry, since a decade now. Partner with the best in industry and find out right pro tips for projects and create something different and be ready for the future.

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