Ecosmob Announced Class 4 SoftSwitch Solution For Wholesale VoIP Service Providers and Telecom Companies

Ecosmob Announced Class 4 SoftSwitch Solution For Wholesale VoIP Service Providers

Ecosmob Technologies, the fastest growing VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) solution provider, has announced a Class 4 SoftSwitch solution for wholesale VoIP service providers and telecom companies worldwide. The professional SoftSwitch solution providers at Ecosmob emphasize developing high-quality, scalable, and cost-efficient VoIP SoftSwitch solutions. The Class 4 SoftSwitch software solution allows wholesale providers to efficiently manage a huge volume of long-distance calls from one country to another. Some of the key features of the Class 4 Software Switch solution offered by Ecosmob include:

  • Protocol support and conversion
  • Transcoding
  • Calls per second rate
  • Average time of one call routing
  • LNP & MNP routing
  • Emergency numbers routing
  • Routing for Class 5 & resellers
  • Black/white list routing
  • Load balancing & failover
  • Supports a number of concurrent calls
  • Flexible UI (User Interface)
  • Intelligent call routing
  • Geographic, non-geographic & nomadic routing
  • Billing interface including CDR
  • Secured firewall
  • The filtered third-party routing engine
  • Report generation of calls (Inbound/Outbound/Unauthorized)
  • Active call report
  • WLR customers

When asked about the details, the concerned person said, “With technological advancements, the VoIP and telecom industry is thriving at a rapid pace. The SoftSwitch is one such technological advancement that has made routing or connecting calls much easier and more efficient. Class 4 Software Switch is an ideal solution to route large volumes of calls, usually long-distance VoIP calls between call suppliers. Its intelligent call routing system helps reduce congestion, latency, and costs without compromising the quality of VoIP calls. The Class 4 Software Switch offered by Ecosmob assures feature-rich, highly reliable, and robust architecture to help wholesale VoIP and Telecom service providers gain customer loyalty. ”

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