Hosted IP PBX Solution Flourishes Healthcare Industry

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Hosted IP PBX Solution

Our multi-tenant PBX (Private Branch Exchange) solution has prospered many different industries. One of them is the healthcare industry. The hospitals can gain many benefits by using the our Hosted PBX solution.

Connect Remote Branches and Staff, As In One Place

The IP PBX solution connects the different branches of the hospital, staff and other telecommunication devices as in one place. This connects each entity of the hospital. So, work and management of the hospital becomes easy and efficacious.

Provide Response in Real-time

The PBX solution has feature like IVRS (Interactive Voice Response System), which can be used to provide the fundamental information to the staff and patients. For example, a patient may check the information related to hospital, availability of a doctor, his report status and other details using the IVR.

The doctors or nurses may check the scheduled appointments, patient’s report status, and other details with the separate IVR. The Hosted IP PBX supports multi-level IVRS menu configuration with easy to use interface.

Empowered Communication

The Multi-tenant PBX solution offers various advanced communication features like 3-way conferencing, different types of call forwarding, Auto attendant, different types of call transferring and more. All these features can be used to reach the doctors and staff in an emergency. It also helps in exchanging the information. It ensures the 100% reachability of resources as and when required.

Reduced Communication and Maintenance Cost

Our Hosted PBX is a SIP based PBX solution. This uses the internet for traversing the voice, video , text and other data. This reduces the communication cost compared to traditional communication solutions. It is an IP PBX software. Thus, it eliminates the bulky hardware, wiring and other related equipment. As it is a software with easy to use graphical user interface, it can be managed by anyone. This reduces the maintenance cost commendably.

Our multi-tenant IP PBX solution provides remote access to its web client. Thus, one may use it anytime from anywhere. It also provides the extensive reports, which can help management to keep track of resource utilization, expenditures and ROI. It has improved ROI of the hospitals upto 20 to 74.62% in different cases.

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