What to Look For When Choosing Hosted PBX Solutions For Business

Updated on: 13 May, 2022

Hosted PBX solutions using VoIP are the norm today for small, medium, and large businesses. However, there are differences among various providers of hosted PBX and one should consider various factors before zeroing in on a particular service provider.

Customization and support

While technical competence is no less important when it comes to choosing hosted PBX solution providers, it is wise for users to first consider the degree of customization and support that is available. A custom solution is always to be preferred because it offers ease of use, customer satisfaction, increased revenues, ease of upgrades, and availability of full support from the hosted PBX solution provider. There are small things like employee training and resolving issues that do count for a lot. Only expert hosted PBX solution services like Ecosmob deliver full satisfaction in this regard.

Bandwidth and latency

Bandwidth and latency are important criteria to consider in any hosted PBX solution. With the increase in traffic, there is a load on the network and sufficient bandwidth will allow for smooth passage of data, important for voice and/or video calls. Hosted PBX services providers should offer flexible and expandable bandwidth to accommodate the low or high number of users and this depends to some extent on codec implementation. Latency is just as important for voice calls since delays complicate phone talks and can be embarrassing. Look for experts who factor in bandwidth, distances, router delays, and codec implementation for the best overall experience.


Hosted PBX has a lot of flexibility and features in what can be included or excluded according to a customer’s requirement. The right custom implementation delivers smooth and fast performance at a great price.


Users may start small and scale up as their needs increase and this should be a feature of the service provider offering. Considerate providers like Ecosmob factor in a number of lines and users, location, internet connection characteristics, type of calls whether the local or long distance and additional features to come up with a custom PBX solution offering to suit current needs with inbuilt modularity to add other features as one goes along. Upgrades should be an easy and fast process with no or minimum downtime. A hosted solution offers dozens of features that an end-user may not need and should not pay for but it should be made available in the future if so desired at that point in time.
Picking a service-oriented, customer-centric hosted PBX solution provider like Ecosmob does pay rich dividends.

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