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Updated on: 1 Mar, 2023
IOS App Development for Healthcare

Mobile apps for healthcare are growing in number with each passing day. In the iOS segment, there are over 45000 healthcare apps available for download on the App Store. Apple focuses on encouraging healthcare iOS application development in various areas such as apps for use in hospitals to enable clinicians to access health records and for nurses to take better care of patients and for patients to stay informed. It has CareKit that lets iOS apps development services come up with apps to connect with caregivers from home, record health data, and share it with doctors. Its Research Kit targets the medical research segment of healthcare. The Apple watch has outstanding features and sensors that permit the development of apps to monitor the health and warn patients. Ecosmob possesses the expertise, knowledge, and hands-on experience in developing healthcare-related apps for the iOS platform.

The Apple Watch-iPhone/iPad integration

The Apple Watch is a marvel of technology, particularly suitable for keeping tabs on heart health and it has an ECG app to capture and record ECG. Ecosmob’s iOS application development builds on these features to develop and deploy healthcare apps for use on iPhones/iPads by clinicians and hospital administration. Doctors can receive notifications about the state of the patient’s health in case the Watch sends out a warning signal, the patient is alerted and the administration may make arrangements to provide transport or such services as may be necessary. Patients with medical conditions may fall down in which case the app, through its accelerometer and gyroscope, helps detect such falls and integration of GPS and Maps helps to send out a locational alert.

Advanced sophistication

It is relatively simple to integrate Apple Watch with iOS apps and backend software. Ecosmob’s capabilities extend beyond these into integrating IoT and artificial intelligence into its iOS apps development services. This opens up a range of possibilities for hospitals and healthcare industry inasmuch as one can easily integrate images from ultrasound equipment, MRIs and Xrays on one side and lab test reports on the other side that leads to a more precise and accurate diagnosis. Hospitals can let doctors focus on more vital tasks than on interpreting machine outputs. Ecosmob offers iOS application development to handle this aspect of healthcare operations and also tie it into patient relationship programs as well as database management. iOS reference apps can be simple, meant for use by clinical personnel in that the app integrates patient data, and also gives access to drug database that consulting physicians can use in their practice.


Advances in medicine depend on painstaking research. Ecosmob leverages the power of ResearchKit and artificial intelligence to help in faster drug discovery as well as streamline and speed up trial processes.

Lots more

There is more to healthcare beyond research and patient care. There are practical aspects such as patient registration, billings, and payments to handle and hospitals also must have some form of interaction with people through social media. Here again, Ecosmob offers a range of purposed iOS apps and kiosk software that turns iPads into information centers or a point for registration and payments, easing the burden on hospital employees.

Ecosmob’s health-related iOS apps are already at work in several hospitals. As an expert iOS app development service, Ecosmob loves to take on challenges and use its extreme capabilities to deliver apps that can ease the burden on healthcare professionals, smoothen operations and deliver a better diagnosis in time to save lives. Apart from front end iOS apps and standalone utility apps that people can use for personal health programs, Ecosmob excels in the overall integration of iOS apps into the entire IT system and subsystem of the healthcare industry.

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