Video Conferencing Solution Useful in More Ways Than One During this Covid-19 Outbreak

Video Conferencing Solution

Covid-19 has literally put the brakes on a normal life in the world. People cannot go out to buy anything, to work, or even be socially interested. Even the government and administration that need people for work is hard hit by the coronavirus. Healthcare personnel is perhaps under the greatest pressure since they must work day and night to care for an increasing number of Covid-19 patients. The question for everyone is how to get anything done if isolation is the key to survival? The answer is: use Video Conferencing Solution. You have isolation and still, you can get work done.

Healthcare and quarantine

There is no known cure for coronavirus and the best solution is isolation and quarantine. Identifying those with corona from known symptoms leads to quarantining those people. Doctors and healthcare personnel handle heavy loads and, when they examine patients, they are at risk. Should a Covid-19 infected person visit a nearby clinic the infection may be spread. Local administration can make available video conferencing solutions for healthcare and for people. This way the burden on healthcare workers reduces and doctors can observe symptoms of the patient and recommend suitable care even as the patient self-isolates.

There are known instances where people identified as having coronavirus infection are carted off to quarantine without giving them time to inform their families. Families worry about such members who are in quarantine. There is no way they can keep in touch but conferencing over video helps by letting them view each other and have a virtual meeting.

Video conferencing also helps healthcare in another way. It allows the sharing of videos and documents. Therefore, doctors who need to report to specialists or cells set up by the government to tackle coronavirus can use the video conferencing facility to share patient records and even show videos of patients’ conditions.

Social interaction

Human beings are social animals and there is a limit to how long they can remain isolated. While corona is a clear and present danger that discourages personal meetings, video conferencing brings relief. You can stay in touch with friends, relatives, and acquaintances in your city and any part of the world through conferencing. Quite a few companies are offering limited-time free use of video conferencing solutions.

Work and business

Coronavirus has disrupted work and business like never before. Stock markets have crashed through the bottom, business is almost at a standstill and employees are being told to stay at home without pay. Businesses that have organized trade fairs and conventions now face the prospect of canceling such meetings. Video conferencing helps businesses stay active instead of shutting shop. They can deploy readily available solutions that allow employees to work from use, collaborate and serve customers. Conferences and trade shows can now go digital and serve the purpose. Organizers and businesses that spent money on such trade exhibitions need not lose money.


Courts and legal processes need judges, lawyers, plaintiffs, defendants, and witnesses to gather in a courtroom, putting everyone at risk. Video conferencing allows judges to hold hearings and conduct trials without the risk. The Supreme court in India started to use video conferencing on 23rd March. Judges sit in one room, lawyers in another, and parties in another with interaction through the conference system.


Studies cannot be postponed indefinitely. Schools and colleges are closed and exams deferred but students still need to learn. Video conferencing is proving a boon, permitting tutors to offer to coach remotely and help students to prepare for exams.

Video conferencing is more than just having a face-to-face talk for which you have Whatsapp. Video conferencing has more features and benefits.

Features of video conferencing

Today’s video conferencing could be based on WebRTC technologies. The browser in your computer or smartphone becomes the video conferencing platform with the help of API integration or plugin. Users need not install software or buy any hardware. The smartphone is sufficient since it already has a camera, mic, and speaker. A similarly equipped desktop will also do. The main features of video conferencing:

– Permit any authorized person to schedule and hold a video conference
– Invite participants beforehand using the phonebook data in the CRM
– Start a chat and change it into a conference
– Raise hands feature
– One-on-one chat possible during an ongoing conference
– Record the entire conference
– Mute or unmute
– Leave temporarily and then rejoin an ongoing conference without having to log in again
– Secure and encrypted communication.


In reference to the coronavirus situation where distancing is necessary and it is also necessary to interact and keep the wheels turning the video conferencing solution is the best tool. Isolation is the best protection and yet video keeps you in touch with the rest of the world.

Employers and employees can get work done. Where it is essential services then the video becomes all the more indispensable to keep services running. It is a lifesaver.

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