Video Conferencing Solution development helping healthcare sector (Patients and Doctors) during COVID-19

Video Conferencing Solution

Video conferencing, a call of today’s era, is at its utmost hype. As the advancement of technology increases, video conferencing is getting a better and convenient hand in hand. As we go deeper, we will come to know how close we are connected to video conferencing. Making things easy is always the motive of technology, but with this smoothie way, it is far more apart than what we imagined.

What is a video conferencing solution?

Video Conferencing solution is the way of getting connected with those who are miles apart. In simple words, “It is the process of involving in a live attachment call having two or more people in-line.” Video conferencing takes place in different forms involving different people with varying sorts of discussion. For example, friends having video calls may include casual conversation, but those in offices require corporate debate.

Though video conferencing is too easy because of multiple software available out there but in the corporate sector, for having a productive discussion, companies have to deal with various factors like using well-designed software, a conference room, PCs, speakers, webcam and a group of intellectuals to have a healthy discussion. Video conferencing not only helps in reducing time in decision-making but also reduces the travel cost of the company.

Role of video conferencing solution during Coronavirus

Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, had laid a significant impact on citizens and economies of different countries. In this regard, video conferencing in itself is one of the biggest weapons for people. COVID-19, a disease of touch and spread, cannot be solved by verbal communication, and to find a solution physically, certain precautions have to be kept in mind.

By telepresence solution, doctors find it way easy and safe to communicate with the patient, especially during the lockdown. Instead of going physically and taking care of health, doctors can easily communicate with the patients and can advise them.

Features of video conferencing solution

Today, we deal with various innovative video conferencing software that offers HD video quality, ease of access, and high security. Few of features of video conferencing solution includes-

Automatic framingVideo conferencing solution comes with an automatic framing feature. It is dynamic, and it adjusts the view if someone joins or leaves the meeting to offer you a good quality video conferencing experience.

Noise blocking – Video conferencing solution comes with an unwanted noise blocking feature. It keeps away distracting noises coming from paper shuffling, keyboard typing, and others by muting the microphone automatically when a real person is not speaking.

4K camera resolution – Video conferencing solution comes with a camera resolution of 4K for a better experience.

Benefits of video conferencing solution during COVID-19

Though the benefits of video conferencing are several, let us discuss some of them concerning COVID-19 situation:-

Patient wellness service: The most and essential goal is to maintain and recover the health of patients, and this is indeed done by keeping an eye through video conferencing solutions. It is assisting a lot in collecting info about the health and recovery of the patient and tracking viral infection of Coronavirus.

Ease of connectivity: Video conferencing solution assists in being connected with doctors and patients across the world. It also assists in easily sharing reports and business files with teammates.

Secure and easily accessible: Video conferencing solution is highly reliable and can be accessed easily. It is one of the safest solutions to various problems that arise during COVID-19.


Conferencing Solution Development services have their advantages in day-to-day life. It acts as a pillar of interaction between two or more people and is assisting people in fighting with coronavirus pandemic. It allows working smoothly as well as fast connectivity. If you are searching for conferencing Solution Development Services At your workplace, then feel free to get in touch with us at Ecosmob Technologies Private Limited. We provide optimized video conferencing solutions and offer installation facilities too.