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Kamailio Solution Development To Create Robust and Scalable SIP Applications

Kamailio is an open source SIP proxy, caters a highly scalable solution. It is competent of handling thousands of calls per second. We at Ecosmob provide Kamailio consulting and development services ranging from small to big enterprises across the globe. The solution offers high performance, incredible flexibility and a wealthy set of features which are perfect for carriers, call centers and enterprises.

Key Features of Kamailio Solution

  • NAT traversal
  • Authentication
  • Stateless and stateful forwarding
  • Load balancing
  • Fail-over
  • Presence (SIMPLE) and dialog-info support
  • Custom scripting
  • Radius and database interfaces
  • Supported transport protocols: UDP/TCP/TLS/SCTP over IPv4 and IPv6

Key Advantages of Kamailio Solution

  • Gives Secure communications
  • Highly scalable
  • Geographical redundancy

Why to choose Ecosmob?

  • Quick Technical Support
  • Hands on Expert Kamailio team
  • Complete Kamailio customization services

Get your projects done by our proficient team of Kamailio, hire a Kamailio programmer so as to gain better results. For more information contact us on below details.

Phone: 1-303-997-3139