Render Advanced and Client-Centric Conferencing Services To Your Tenants With CosmoConf

Updated on: 7 Mar, 2023
Conferencing Services

Being in business is more challenging than ever before. The cut-throat competition has increased the need of rapid and real-time communication. Each business has to comply with this need effectively. It is also important to match the pace and staying ahead of the competitors. Any business needs to reform its communication medium with the advanced tools. One of such technological invention is Conferencing Solution. The modern conferencing solution can furnish simple to complex communication need of any business.

This communication need of businesses has also emerged success path for the conferencing services provider’s business. Many businesses prefer to take conferencing services as a feasible solution than having on-premises setup. The conferencing services provider can grab this opportunity and open a whole new channel of profit. CosmoConf is a such conferencing solution, which can be used to provide the advanced voice, video and web conferencing services to your clients.

Let’s explore a few benefits of CosmoConf to solidify the fact that it is the best tool to provide conferencing services.

One Time Investment, and Lifetime Recurring Profit

CosmoConf is a software which needs to get installed on your server once. This is it! You don’t need to pay any annual maintenance fees or anything. Once it is installed, you may use it to provide the conferencing services to your clients. Pay only once at the time of purchase and you are up and running with a growing business.

Easy To Use and Manage

CosmoConf has a complete client-centric and easy to use interface. It has rich colors and graphical user interface. It doesn’t require heavy hardware or wiring, nor any additional plugins. This makes it a treat to use. Creating new tenants to managing an existing tenant can’t be easier than this!

Scalable, Robust and Secure Conferencing Software Developed in Advanced Technology

CosmmoConf is developed using FreeSWITCH and WebRTC technology. It assures that you can run multiple concurrent conferences without any glitch or difficulty. It is successfully tested by the conference services provider for hundreds of multiple concurrent conferences. It is also a scalable solution. So if the number of tenants increases, you just need to increase your server capacity. That is it!

Furnished with Client-Centric and Modern Conferencing Features

CosmoConf has many innovative features which suit the conferencing needs of any small, mid or big sized business. For instance,

  • Different conferencing modes
  • Raise hand to indicate participants with Query
  • Active Speaker to show the current speaker in conference
  • And more

The complete feature list is accessible at the CosmoConf webpage, here:

Remote Access Facility

CosmoConf is a web-based conferencing software. It makes it accessible from anywhere, anytime. You may login, access, operate and manage it even when you are traveling or at your house; so do your tenants. One doesn’t need to sit next to his system at his desk. It can be accessible from any device.

There are many more benefits the CosmoConf is furnished with. To explore the untouched world of opportunities in your business as a conference services provider, contact us, and take the free demo and experience it on your own.