Quiz IVR System Made Recruitment Smooth

Updated on: 27 Oct, 2022
IVR System

Manpower is one of the basic needs of any company. Thus, recruitment is one of the core parts of any organization. However, it is not an easy job to recruit the right candidates. It takes a considerable amount of time, efforts, resources and money. Our Quiz IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system can help you to make your recruitment process swimming. How? Let me share the details.

How To Use Quiz IVR System for Recruitment Process?

  • The interested candidates can call on a predefined number or system can also make a call to the candidate.
  • The Quiz IVR system will guide the candidate through different interactive voice response menu. This menu will take the candidate to the specific job category.
  • Once the candidate reaches the right job category, the quiz IVR system will ask the series of questions to the candidate.
  • Based on his/ her given answers, the system can be programmed for the following:
    • Give score directly to the candidate and transfer callto a recruitment executive to schedule an interview.
    • Give an endnote to the candidate and message of updates will be posted to him. The CDR report with the score of candidatewill be passed to the recruitment officer in real time or in batch. Based on the results, the recruiter can take further actions.

How this will benefit an organization?

  • The system will score the candidate based on his ability and expertise. Thus, filtering of deserving candidates will be done automatically.
  • The whole process of the first phase interview can be skipped, which will save lots of time and efforts of resources. To be specific, a considerable amount of time gets spent by the recruitment executive to find the mutually suitable time for both interviewer and interviewee. That time will be saved. Furthermore, the time of the interviewer will be saved.
  • The money spent on catering the interviewee will be saved as only candidates who qualify for the final round needs to get catered.
  • The productivity of the staff will be improved as now half of the process is automated for recruitment
  • The ROI will be improved as the investment is made once to get the Quiz IVR solution and the maintenance cost is bare minimal. Whilst the usage of resources will be maximized. This will not only improve the ROI, but also the overall resource utilization and productivity.

This Quiz IVR system can also be used for taking the basic HR and technical interview. We offer custom IVR software development and deployment services. We ensure to provide the GUI based admin panel. Thus, after deployment of the solution, you can use and manage it on your own. The quiz IVR system will be developed in the Asterisk technology. It can handle multiple concurrent candidates get interviewed using an interactive voice response menu. It supports the nested IVR menu, too.

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