Ecosmob Announced Custom Asterisk IVR Solution Development Services For All Types of Businesses

Ecosmob Announced Custom Asterisk IVR Solution Development Services For All Types of Businesses

Ecosmob Technologies is a leading VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) solution provider that offers excellent quality web solutions, mobile applications, and customized VoIP solutions all over the world. Recently, the company has introduced custom IVR development services in Asterisk for different types of businesses. The smart IVR (Interactive Voice Response) technology allows businesses to automate their customer service interactions by being available 24×7. The Asterisk IVR solution offered by Ecosmob is easy to use, highly efficient, and cost-effective as well.

Some of the key features of the Asterisk IVR solution include:

  • Database Integration
  • CRM Integration
  • Custom IVR Prompts
  • Text to Speech Conversion
  • Multiple Language Options
  • DTMF Support
  • SMS Integration
  • Integration with well-known CRMs like Salesforce
  • Script Configuration Facility
  • Call Recording
  • Custom Reports, etc.

At Ecosmob Technologies, businesses can get customized Asterisk-based IVR solutions as per their specific business requirements. It means that they can choose the features that they want to incorporate into their IVR system. Besides, the benefits that businesses can get with Ecosmob’s smart Asterisk IVR system include:

  • Ability to serve customers queries 24×7
  • Enhanced user experience
  • Better resource utilization
  • Enhanced ROI, etc.

When asked about the details, the concerned person said, “At Ecosmob, we have introduced a smart IVR solution development service with intent to help businesses deliver exceptional customer service by being available 24×7 to their customers. The Asterisk IVR system acts as an automated attendant that usually responds by selecting a digit or by entering an extension number. It serves customers by presenting them a recorded menu and helps them to get the solution for their queries. The IVR system can also direct the customers to the most appropriate department or agents if they didn’t get the solution for their query. In all, the smart IVR system offered by us helps businesses to eliminate the need for a live agent to handle boring and repetitive tasks. Instead, agents can focus on more complex and important tasks to enhance the efficiency and productivity of the business.”

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