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KNIME or the Konstanz Information Miner is an open-source data analytics, integration and reporting platform. It makes use of a graphical interface to help KNIME users to develop data flows, make analysis, view results, methods and solve a wide number of complexities in science and business.

KNIME is based on Eclipse’s extension abilities like plug-ins and connectors that help the analytics platform to support integration using text and image mining and time series analysis.

The analytics software can integrate with many open source projects and has more than 1,000 modules that support connectors from all major file formats and databases. It also supports different data formats, statistical functions, and advanced predictive analytics and machine learning algorithms.

Additionally, KNIME has many commercial product offerings such as KNIME Personal Productivity, KNIME Partner Productivity, KNIME Performance Extensions, KNIME Collaboration Extensions, etc. The analytics platform and its commercial offerings empower organizations to take their collaboration, performance, and efficiency to a higher level.

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