Glimpse of Top Trends of 2015 Witnessed In Conferencing Solution

Updated on: 7 Mar, 2023
Conferencing Solution

The digital and business sphere witnessed many changes and revolutions in the past year. The conference software is one of the solutions which has witnessed some great inventions. Let’s take a look back and see what new has been added in the conferencing solution in 2015 and might get explored further in 2016.

WebRTC Implementation

The webRTC technology has been an integral part of many conferencing solutions due to its advanced communication features. This technology allows the seamless and effortless audio and video conferencing between multiple parties. Also, it offers flexible options for data, file, screen and multimedia sharing. The WebRTC based conferencing solution allows the remote access to the conference system via any webRTC enabled browser. It doesn’t require any additional plugin, software, addon or hardware. These offerings of the technology for the conferencing made it into the trend list of big innovations in conferencing software. In 2016, we may expect more advanced features in the technology, and adoption of webRTC technology by remaining browsers, which are not supporting it at the moment.

Large Conference Room Setups Replaced By Video Conferencing Solution

The large setups for the conferences is replaced by the feature rich video conference solution. This solution allows the remote access. Thus, the employees, managers and key business personnel can join the conferences on the go. They don’t need to be sited on their desks to be part of the conference. They can participate it through any system and even their mobile devices.

Mobile Apps for Conferencing

The past year has brought the immense success and growth in the mobile app development industry. Not even a single industry remained untouched by the innovative mobile developers. From small utility app to a complex system app, everything is developed by these enthusiastic mobile app developers. The conference solution is not an exception. The conference application comes with all the features come with the system,cloud or web based conferencing software. The app offers the personalized conferencing experience to the users and thus it is very much in demand by the corporate executives.

These are the top 3 trends witnessed in the 2015. The cloud conferencing and unified communication are also an inevitable innovation in the conference solution. The best is yet to come and we are looking forward to 2016 and possible innovations in the conferencing software development.