Getting Unified Communication Solution Development Done By Experts – Proper Evaluation Helps Select the Right Developer


The question is not about whether you need a unified communication solution but as to which one you should opt for. You can get a ready to go package or zero in on a developer specializing in unified communication solution development. The latter is preferable. In this case, it pays to evaluate the developer and the solution offered.

Minimal disruption

Before you get to discussing features of the unified communication solution you will want to specify that it should not disrupt existing systems, directory structure, software or IT infrastructure. In fact, it is a good idea to look for a developer who can integrate existing communication, ERP and CRM to present an internal unified architecture. The architecture, ideally, should support voice, conferencing and video while taking care of SIP and time-division multiplexing. It is nice to have WebRT, Skype for business and Webex too. Mobile integration is a must-have feature.

Hosted or on-premise

Opt for Hosted UC if you want to enjoy the facility of pay as you go but you may have less control over customization. On the other hand the on-premise system can be custom made to suit the way you work and maybe a better fit. Given the predilection for cloud-based services and that it frees you from the bother of constant upgrades, it is recommended to go for a hosted solution. The added benefit is easy accessibility at any time.

Support for codecs, protocols, and standards

Once it goes live your unified communication platform is expected to handle varieties of communication channels like social networks, email, fax, voicemail, voice over IP and video over IP originating at any point using any codec and protocol. The developer you choose must, understandably, have expertise in smooth integration so your communication does not come to a halt simply because of half baked codec implementation.

Ease of use

While developers may excel at underlying technology integration the user interface and user experience area are where corners can be cut. If your employees find it difficult to monitor all channels and ongoing conversations, receive alerts, set flags or switch channels effortlessly then they are not going to get the full benefit. It shows in the customer experience too by way of delays. These factors ultimately affect customer service and growth.


It is not just customers that matter in relation to the UC platform. You will find that it is ideal for collaboration between employees. When you consider implementing unified communication with an eye on better customer service then think of it as a collaboration tool for your employees. You may have employees in the office, in the field and remote workers. Your UC solution can be tailored to become a fine tool that lets employees interact, share documents and work together.

Don’t forget analytics and reporting

It is one thing to view all activities on your dashboard but what about outcomes and metrics? Get the unified communication developer to include a module for analytics and reporting. Apart from deriving information, you can use to make on the spot decisions you will love the fact that you can analyze and then improve your service delivery.

Ecosmob excels in custom unified communication solutions tailored to suit your business and your way of working, proving to be your perfect partner for business growth.

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