How Digital Transformation Can Revolutionize Marketing

Updated on: 7 Mar, 2023
How Digital Transformation Can Revolutionize Marketing

It is a sink or swim situation for businesses worldwide. Unless they go digital across all areas of operations they are likely to be left behind and drown in the sea of oblivion. Adopting IT and some parts of it to speed up or automate legacy processes is not what it is about but it is about changing an entire mindset to business operations across the board.

This is digital transformation. It extends to processes, environment, people, and mindset in an organization in addition to asset management and approach to business as a way of life. This changes the way one does product marketing leveraging various technologies such as IoT and big data as well as VoIP for unified communications. Internal partitions vanish as do exterior barriers to communications and interactions that, as a result, become faster and more fluid. Digital marketing effects include exponential growth, customer loyalty, and improved branding.

Digital disruption springs up whenever digital transformation is mentioned and disruption is caused not only by techies experts in all aspects of digital technologies and applications but it is also driven by the way customers use digital technologies. It forces companies to follow suit and adopt digital right from the core to the edges and beyond and to introduce innovation. Digital transformation connects everything including customers, competitors, stakeholders, and employees.

The benefits of digitalization are far-reaching, especially from the marketing perspective. It enables companies to connect with existing and prospective customers through a variety of channels. Understanding customer behavior is important and analytics through big data or other avenues like web visits and searches help companies anticipate trends and have products ready by the time demand arises. It can also help companies create innovation in products or services that people are looking for and thus grab new buyers. Existing customers stay satisfied due to better services and workers find new ways to collaborate, do more, and yet reduce workloads. Digital transformation also touches the supply side and supplier relationships that help a company get a product to market quickly.

SEO is but one radian of the digital marketing process that again is a subset of digital transformation. It can be liked a funnel through which experts gather information and then introduce strategies that will help reach out to customers. At the same time, such data derived from metrics could flow back to the company and help it mutate internally and evolve into a digital entity through digital transformation.