2020 is the Time to Get AI Enabled Unified Communication Solution


Unified communication confluences all messaging pathways into a single dashboard and simplifies your task of customer engagement. It would be unthinkable to be without UC in 2020 and later but get AI-powered unified communication solution and it will be even better.

The standard unified communication solution

As it is the standard unified communication solution is nothing to be sneezed at. A typical UC brings together different components of communication streams. You have a mobility facility that lets you connect with your office communication application like the IP PBX. You can access email accounts and fax as well as voicemail and SMS. In addition, social media comes into the fold to let you keep an eye on relevant social chatter and engage whenever required. If there is WebRTC you engage in audio-video chat. However, a dumb UC can make management a bit difficult. This is where an AI-infused UC makes a vast difference.

AI infused unified communication solution

AI is everywhere so why should you not opt for artificial intelligence in your unified communication solution? Get AI integrated into it or, better still, opt for a new one that comes with artificial intelligence and machine learning. You will benefit in many different ways.

AI handles data

UC is fine. It gets you a unified communication stream but brings in its wake a torrent of data that you will find hard to sift through. Doing it manually entails delay and missed opportunities. The AI part of UC does it all for you. It sifts data from email, chats, and social media streams and even analyzes customer behaviors and preferences for channels. It can flat what is of importance and alert agents. Besides, it can automate data sorting and pick important pieces based on keywords you specify.

Voice assistant

AI has the power of giving you a voice assistant. Imagine having a virtual secretary who is always present and never balks at anything. Just speak your command and you see results displayed on the screen. It could even connect you to parties by making calls.

Gauge moods

AI can decipher body language and facial gestures and it becomes smarter with ML. You have an assistant who actually can recommend the tone to adopt with customers based on recognition of their facial expressions.

Schedule and set up meetings

It becomes a snap to set up conferences and meetings when you have an intelligent system. It picks people for the conference based on their relevance to the topic, calls them, issues agenda and fixes the time of the meeting.

Detailed information

People within your company can engage better with customers when the AI part of the UC tells them about the caller, their past record, purchase preferences, preference of channel of communication and other traits. Customer experience improves to an altogether higher level.


You do have a recording facility to record all calls and other transactions but deriving actionable intelligence from it can be a chore. AI does it for you.

There is no doubt that a smart unified communication solution can help ease your tasks and deliver a better customer experience. It translates to loyalty and more revenues, well worth the investment.