Why Laravel Development Is Best From the Business Perspective?

If thinking about the best platform to build exceptional websites and web applications, PHP based frameworks are high in demand. Businesses that are planning to develop websites or apps that offer the best UI and UX, must consider the Laravel platform. Laravel is an open source, PHP based web application framework for website development. It utilises MVC (Model View Controller) architectural patterns to create high-quality CMS, website development, or web applications.

With modular programming and simple coding, it facilitates Laravel developers with a fast development approach to deliver the best possible results.

Features of Laravel Framework

Some of the key features of Laravel Framework that makes it widely popular among developers and businesses include:

• Inbuilt Templates: Laravel comprises various inbuilt lightweight templates that can be utilized to develop outstanding layouts.

• MVC Design Support: Laravel supports MVC or Model View Controller design which ensures clarity of logic and presentation. With its multiple built-in functions, Laravel helps to enhance the overall application performance.

• Artisan: Laravel consists of a built-in tool known as Artisan that makes developer’s tasks much easier by automating the majority of monotonous repetitive programming tasks. The artisans can also be utilized to create an easy-to-manage database system. Developers can even create their own commands and do use them whenever required.

• Security: Security is one of the most important factors when it comes to developing a web application. Laravel ensures high web application security. It comprises various built-in security features and an authentication system to protect a web application against SQL injections, Cross-site Request Forgery (CSRF), and Cross-site Scripting (XSS).

• Object-Oriented and Modular libraries: Laravel also comprises object-oriented and modular libraries with various unique functionalities like CSRF (Cross-site Request Forgery) protection, Bcrypt hashing, password reset, encryption, and more. Additionally, it comes in assorted individual modules with advanced PHP principles that assist developers in developing user-friendly, highly-responsive, and advanced web applications.

Why Choose Laravel framework for web development?
Some of the key reasons to choose the Laravel framework for web development include:

• Open Source Platform: As Laravel is an open source framework, it facilitates developers to build large and complex websites with ease without incurring any cost. They are just required to use PHP and a text editor.

• Advanced Features: Laravel comes with various unique cutting-edge features that help developers in developing superior quality web applications that are easy to use and manage.

• Quick Load Times: Laravel allows quick load time, which facilitates improved website performance and better revenue.

• Cost-effective solution: As mentioned above, Laravel is an open source framework, thus it allows developing a website at no cost. However, businesses or individuals that are not familiar with the coding, can hire Laravel developers who can provide the best possible customised solutions to meet the specific needs of a project. It is important to note that as compared to various other frameworks or CMS, Laravel development is quite easy to use and available at a cost-effective price as well.

• Less Development Time: Laravel not only facilitates easy development of highly responsive websites but also allows quick development time. Moreover, this framework is highly appropriate for small to medium-size projects.

• Several Libraries: The Laravel framework consists of a unique set of libraries that allow developers to develop a website from scratch. They can utilize various templates, blade, and various other tools to make the website more attractive, unique, and easy to use.

Skills of Laravel Developers

When planning to hire Laravel developers for customized Laravel website development solutions, make certain to choose the most skilled developers. Some of the key skills of Laravel developers include:
• Ability to incorporate any third-party service such as Grafana, Amazon web service, cloud integration, and more.

• Proficiency in developing custom module and extension

• Ability to perform Laravel data migration using MongoDB, MySQL, and PostgreSQL data sources

• Know-how of PHP 5.x and 7.x with MVC structure

• Deep knowledge of design patterns like Facade, Singleton, Abstract Factory, and more

• Familiarity with REST and SOAP based API architecture and implementation

All the features and benefits of Laravel make this framework the best from the business perspective. You just need to hire the best team of Laravel developers with all the required skills to get the desired outcome.

Laravel is one such framework that makes the development process much faster for the developers by easing various tasks involved in the web development project like routing, authentication, sessions, caching, and more. By utilizing this framework, developers can build high-quality customized web apps without compromising on functionality.


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