How VoIP Softswitches Benefit Telecom Operators and Help Improve Services and Revenue

Updated on: 27 Oct, 2022
VoIP has been around for some time but the recent adoption of 4G LTE has brought it into the foreground. Once restricted to specific business segments, VoIP offerings by ITSPs are gaining in use by more businesses and even individuals.

At the core of VoIP offerings by telecom carriers lies the Softswitch. The VoIP Softswitch is categorized into two classes. One is the class 4 Softswitch and another is the class 5 Softswitch. Each Softswitch has a definite function and the VoIP industry layers its services on both.

Class 5 Softswitch

In the VoIP network, the class 5 Softswitch usually sits at the user end. It is instrumental in establishing connections between users in smaller areas or within a specific State or country. End-users may use IP phones or mobile dialers to initiate VoIP calls that may then be routed according to the number dialed to local or international destinations where class 4 Softswitch comes into play.

Class 4 Softswitch

Class 4 Softswitch is inherently more complex, feature-rich, and absolutely indispensable for telecom operators. This class of Softswitch usually handles long-distance call routing and handling of volume traffic between different exchanges. It is quite sophisticated in that implementation involves the use of algorithms that automatically select the least cost routing and fast connections. Some of the features of this type of Softswitch include:
  • Handle routing of thousands of calls across countries and exchanges with no loss of voice clarity
    or quality;
  • Security features such as authentication and authorization;
  • Integrated monitoring, call traffic reports, and billing;
  • A custom web-based admin panel developed by specialists in class 4 and class 5 Softswitch implementation with features that the ITSP needs; and
  • A comprehensive management tool to handle each client and customize offering to them according to his need. They can handle direct customers as well as resellers and agents with absolute ease.
Carriers are widely implementing 4G and associated VoIP services. Customization of the softswitches and implementation in an easy to use control panel brings a host of benefits. White label customization means a company enhances its brand image and engenders loyalty among users. Efficient services and reduction in telephone costs for customers is another way they retain customers. Value-added services can be offered as add on packs as sources of revenues. A super-efficient billing and call routing services also help to attract new customers while delivering better satisfaction to existing users. There are inbuilt security features with alerts in case of misuse. If the product is modular and scalable, telecom service operators can easily upgrade their packages, add more features or remove less desirable ones in any way they like and keep in tune with changing customer preferences. The benefits of class 4 Softswitch such as intelligent call routing, LNP/MNP routing, fax routing, non-geographic and nomadic routing, emergency number routing, load balancing, and others can be selectively incorporated or excluded for clients according to needs.
In order to gain benefits of VoIP softswitches the role of the developer cannot be underplayed. It needs experts with a deep understanding of VoIP technologies and implementation of softswitches to come up with solutions, sometimes a hybrid of both classes that deliver precisely what is needed. Ecosmob implements the finest solutions customized for each carrier, using open source platforms like WebRTC, Asterisk, Freeswitch, Kamailio, and Opensips after a thorough study and evaluation.
Even with exploding growth in digitized telecom services, operators are not gaining much in revenue but this picture can be changed with expert VoIP Softswitch implementations that deliver greater customer satisfaction and cost savings allied with automation and flexibility to adapt to changing situations. Having Ecosmob at hand to support their initiatives is also a benefit because of the proven technological implementation and service support available.
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