Unified Communication – An Ultimate Solution For Business Communications

Unified Communication Solution

Advancement in technology has reformed the way we work. Now performing tasks is no longer confined to a specific phone, desk, or computer screen. We have the liability to showcase our skills and catch any opportunities across the globe by using a cloud connection and an appropriate device.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, companies are shifting towards work from home, so it has become vital for companies to offer employees communication tools that are usable from remote locations. A unified communication solution is the best solution for businesses.

What is Unified communication?

Unified communication solutions or UC refers to a phone system that unifies several communication methods within a business. It brings together all the ways of communication, including video conferencing, phone calls, SMS, email, instant messaging, and fax. It lets all the employees of the business communicate with each other in one system, thus enhancing the efficiency of the work.

It doesn’t only tell how we can connect various communication systems, but it specifies collaboration tools too. That’s why you several times hear the phrase UC&C that means “Unified communication and collaboration.”

Features of unified communication solution

1. Web-based user interface – UC solutions provide an opportunity to control complete calls from web browsers. By using this feature, users can customize voice mails, phone settings, and much more.
2. Mobility – Mobility feature in UC solution assists businesses to stay connected to each other irrespective of their location. By using an office extension, they can receive and make calls and chat with each other.
3. Unified messaging – UC solution offers the Unified messaging feature to allow users to switch communication modes as per the need and manage several types of messages from one application.
4. Conferencing – Businesses can do video and audio conferencing using Unified communication solutions and get connected to their team located at any place.
5. Collaboration – Unified communication solution enhances collaboration between the employees and makes work more flexible.

Benefits of Unified communication solution

Unified communication solution gives a competitive advantage to businesses by reducing the usage of independent platforms, tools, and solutions for communication. some of the best benefits of UC solution include-

Reduced costs – UC solution works on the cloud, so it permits businesses to shift to an OpEX strategy from a CapEx model with the less initial cost.

Better productivity – By using the UC solution team can connect from any location and enhance the richness of the business.
Enhanced user experience – UC solution offers the freedom to employees to work as per their choice, and it makes work more engaging.

Apart from these, some more benefits of Unified communication solution development include

– Increased revenue of the business
– Better customer service
– Expansion of business
– Strong performance


UC communication solution development makes teams easily connected and perishes the communication gap. Businesses interested in Unified communication solution Development services can contact Ecosmob Technologies private limited to get UC solutions as per the need of their business.