Top 4 Wearable Tech Trends To Look For In 2017


When wearable technology was first introduced, people didn’t have expected much from it. In its initial days of development, people liked it, but thought that it won’t come to much use and will fade with time. But with a great surprise, this wearable technology has come a long way and we are witnessing new trends every now and then.

If we compare the previous wearable watch and glass with the latest ones, the later ones are much advanced and contemporary. As of now, there are more than 500 renowned brands in the wearable market and still growing. Along with businesses, even programmers and developers are appreciating these miraculous new-age technology. In this blog post, let’s see what this technology has to offer us in 2017.

Latest wearable app development trends to look for in 2017:

1. Wearable Healthcare

Current wearable fitness trackers focus on one’s fitness goals, but in the upcoming gadgets, the focus will shift from just fitness to the person’s overall health care. Also, wearable technology will boost up some best advancement this year in medical and healthcare sector. You might soon hear about Wearable Vital Sign Monitors for infants, smartphone-operated hearing aid, smart band for monitoring blood pressure, etc.

2. Invisibility

It is predicted by the experts that wearables will take place of tiny elements – maybe a tiny ring or chip! They will be designed in a way that they don’t remain visible! And probably, this will offer comfort of using wearable devices and more likely, people will use them.

3. Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is a going to be the next game-changer in the wearable sector! Immensely useful for businesses, most of them have already adopted this technology and others are planning to do so. Virtually attending a conference and virtually conducting a meeting never existed before!

4. Personal safety

It’s true that all of the above trends are to enhance you inside out, but how about the outside forces and threats? Wearable devices have come up with a new level of security for us. Imagine holding a personal safety device like a panic button cloaked as a ring or a necklace or a watch – your personal bodyguard, isn’t it?

These are the trends which are going to be talked about the most in 2017. If you also want to be unique in this era by attracting your audience by your wearable app, come to us. We’ve developed many wearable applications and we’d love to develop one for you, too!