Top 3 IT Predictions To Make For 2017

2016 was the best year if being talked about IT, VoIP, and other communication technologies. Last year had seen many technological advancements, especially in terms of business communication and development. Call Center Software, IP PBX, WebRTC, and other VoIP solutions had continued to boost enterprises and businesses across various categories.
While 2016 was the best year for VoIP and IT sector, many experts have made some top predictions for this year of 2017, too. Let us have a look at some such predictions:
1. Video calling to become the de-facto!

Right from the healthcare industry to enterprise meetings – video calling has been the most essential way of communication. In 2017, video will become a more important way to interact with customers. However, voice calling or face-to-face meeting is the first preference, video calling will sustain to be popular and handy among many verticals such as telemedicine and healthcare.
2. PAAS to emerge as the go-to enterprise solution
Enterprises will be able to endow a more integrated user experience to their customers with the help of an emerging trend called PAAS (Platform As A Service). With time, more and more businesses are adopting this as a stand-alone communication software, customers will have their integrated communication system.
3. Data security to become one of the biggest concerns for cloud
Cloud computing has managed to maintain its popularity among businesses in the year 2016. This year as well, they are going to have more faith in the data security of cloud systems. With the security concern of customers’ important information, many advanced cloud computing solutions will enter the cloud market. This way, enterprises will be able to manage the data with the highest security which in turn, will help them to establish good customer relationships.
The actual challenge for businesses will be to retain happy customers together with focusing on the core business and maintaining the best work lives of their employees. However, with some great technological advancements, this won’t be that tough!
These are the expected trends of 2017.
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