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Kobi Mizrahi, PayCall (BitIt Ltd. Group)
PayCall company was founded in 2009 and it is a leader in developing systems based on telephony and communications in a variety of areas designed to provide a variety of solutions for business as a one-stop-shop .

PayCall sees innovation and technological leadership as major goals, so the selection of Ecosmob as our partners was a perfect match for us in achieving those goals.

During this recent cooperation, we were delighted to see the major efforts that Ecosmob invest in every part of the product life cycle –

The understanding of what the customer needs, hours of demo sessions to go down to the bits and bytes of any solution, the major efforts that Ecosmob put in the development phase , And finally the acceptance phase with quick and almost 24/7 response to any query from the customer side – All of that shows how Ecosmob takes its job seriously and how much dedication there is in every step of the road.

We believe that it is a privilege for us to have Ecosmob as our technological partner and expect many more challenges in the upcoming future, as we are positive that both Paycall and Ecosmob, as a united force, will meet each and every challenge to come.

Scott Trowbridge, Home Security & Management Co. Inc.

Like most small companies looking for highly technical development partners to help with the seemingly monumental task of creating and deployment of new applications, the number of companies available on the web is high, but the caliber and quality of their work is hard to find. We did our research, weighed options, assessed any limitations and finally inquired about costs. Surprisingly enough there was no need to look elsewhere when we made our first call to Ecosmob.

In the time we’ve been a customer, there hasn’t been a single problem too large or too small that hasn’t been identified and solved by the staff at Ecosmob. Planning and deployment of new software isn’t something any company looks forward to, understanding the likelihood of work disruptions and downtime is always a possibility. New development is always tough to work through alone, but we did it with Ecosmob as a partner and there is no other company I would trust with that responsibility.

Bottom line, the staff is great to work with, they have the experience you need to solve your problems quickly and the team always stands behind their work.

Dave Abadi, GM Nationwide Telecom Inc.

Nationwide Telecom offers retail and wholesale Telecom services to businesses and consumers. We have found and started our business with Ecosmob in 2008.

Ecosmob has been very intuitive and customer service oriented. They adapt to the technology and always kept themselves caught up with the technology.

Our industry has many technical challenges and Ecosmob team has always been able to overcome all of them. They also responded perfectly under pressure with overwhelming tasks.

Their availability and adaptive knowledge in development, deployment and maintenance has enabled us to outsource our entire network tasks to Ecosmob.

We have introduced Ecosmob and continue to introduce them to companies with large size network software development requiring a team highly professional and knowledgeable team.

Mario, Audioweb Communications

After one years of fructuous collaboration with ECOSMOB, by this mail I want to mark my satisfaction for your service quality and your quick support when I faced some difficulties.

Cory Isaacson, CEO/CTO at CodeFutures Corporation

eCosmoB’s VOIP expertise was very valuable to us on a critical project. They were responsive to work with, and delivered what we required. In addition, they came in as expected according to budget estimates, and were easy to work with. I definitely would recommend them to others.

Scott Keith, CEO at WebFones

I have been working with Ecosmob for the last several years. I strongly recommend them as a resource for VoIP development and troubleshooting.

Carlos Tavares, NEEAAUDIO

I strongly recommend Ecosmob services in VoIP development. We’ve been working with Ecosmob for a few years now and we hope to continue to achieve new goals in the future! Professional and honest team – keep up!

Pauline Colter, Project Manager, ITG, Brazos Higher Education Service Corporation

I was pleased by their prompt turnaround time in getting all necessary administrative paper work completed, so that our project could start without delay. The project was completed on time and on budget as originally quoted. I was extremely satisfied with the end results. Our automated system is functioning perfectly, and all requirements were met with successful results the first time around. Their completion of this project has resulted in a significant cost-savings to our company.What I appreciate most in working with Ecosmob is their ability to deliver expected results, ability to stay connected through reliable communication, and their overall professionalism in getting the job done. The project was completed on time and on budget as originally quoted. Their completion of this project has resulted in a significant cost-savings to our company. I am extremely satisfied, and very pleased with the results.

Brian Brandon, Co-Founder at vUnity Broadband

They are a highly skilled team of subject matter experts – prompt, reliable and always exceeding our expectations.

Kamal Ageli, CEO at ITS Group Limited.

My experience in working with Ecosmob was very much a positive one.

Development of our software was done in a timely and professional manner.

Many thanks to Business Development Manager and Development Team Members for the excellent communications making the process a very pleasant experience.

Their professionalism was refreshing and I would welcome the opportunity to work with them again.

Denis Huggins, Director, ALBERTA LTD
It’s fulfilling to provide testimonial and recommendation to a business that surpasses my expectations. After failing to achieve what I wanted locally, I made a choice to work with your company, though half way around the world. I banked on my understanding that India strives to be a world leader in Internet technology. From the onset, you confirmed my project expectations by providing a comprehensive, written plan. Your plan included the proposed scope of work, the features I required, how my requirements would be implemented, and proposed timelines including requirements from my side, final testing deadlines and the projected completion date.

Each correspondence I had with your representatives was positive, informative and material to final solutions. I found your staff not just knowledgeable, but receptive to my thoughts and ideas whether those ideas proved part of the solution. At no time did I feel that my lack of understanding or experience was discounted or belittled, and the shared-screen collaboration quickly resolved a troublesome issue. The results were what I wanted and at the amount you quoted. I will be working with your company again.