Session Border Controller Absolutely Vital for VoIP Service Provider

Session Border Controller Absolutely Vital for VoIP Service Provider

Reputation of VoIP carriers and service providers depends on their quality of service with costs being a secondary consideration, especially for business subscribers. VoIP carriers and service providers routinely implement class 4 and class 5 SIP softswitches in the service chain and assume they are all set. However, such a set up would be incomplete without a session border controller.

The Session Border Controller in the chain goes beyond providing security though that is of utmost importance given the way SIP opens and closes ports. VoIP SBC is more intelligent, cloaking IP addresses and smartly detecting ongoing calls and managing ports. It also detects malicious attacks. At the same time the VoIP SBC assures greater transparency by providing visual, on-screen display of all that is going on besides permitting lawful call intercepts. There is a measure of predictive analysis that can help in identifying trends.

Without SBC in the chain it would be difficult to establish connections because of network address translation used to cloak IP addresses. SIP calls are based on IP addresses and SBC mediates between two calls while cloaking private IP address in the SIP message. Since most businesses have NAT, it is indispensable to have SBC to overcome this telecom roadblock.

VoIP communications can be hindered by the fact that different carriers use different SIP interpretations and standards. SBC normalizes and translates all such versions thereby enabling seamless communications between SIP, SIP-I, SIP-5, H.323, IPV4 and IPV6. It also facilitates DTMF interworking.

Continuing in the same vein, there are various codecs in use at originating and terminating end and protocol mismatches that can hamper calls. Session border controller takes care of protocol validation and codec translation thereby permitting seamless media streaming. Audio and video conference calls using WebRTC are routine and SBCs media transcoding makes it a seamless experience for users.

Quality of service is all important and it is perceived by customers in the quality of audio calls. Since VoIP makes use of packets there is always the chance of dropped packets due to network congestion or some other reason. SBC sits at the top and prioritizes traffic by giving precedence to audio packets.

Administrators also find it easy to control, monitor and manage services through web based interfaces, routing, screening, debugging and tracing. Their service keeps working at optimum levels and customers never face any issues, which enhances reputation, assures loyalty and gains new customers.

SBC integrates closely with Class 4 and class 5 softswitches as a complete solution for VoIP carriers and choosing the right provider of session border controller is important. It is always better to opt for an open source based customized SBC available as a hosted service which automatically assures users of upgrades besides immediate implementation.