Our LG WebOS Services Have Modernized The Way TVs Are Watched!

Updated on: 31 Oct, 2022
LG WebOS Services

LG WebOS is a Linux server based multitask operating system which is used for smart devices such as televisions and smartwatches. Owned by LG, this operating system has given a new vista to the entertainment of watching a TV. Ecosmob Technologies is one of the earliest adopters of this platform.

Although LG WebOS is an advanced technology, it is free from all the complexities. It has made watching a television quite simple and interesting. A football match or a comedy show, now you can enjoy your favorite show with all new excitement. Whatever you want to watch, play, find or launch, this user friendly operating system has made it easy for you.

Have a look to a few smart features of this smart OS:

Multitasking interface:

Its navigation allows multi touch gestures on the touchscreen device. To manage the multitasking and a variety of apps, its interface uses cards. The user easily can switch between the running applications just with the flick from right and left on the screen. For customized organization, these cards can be rearranged as well.


In this WebOS, data synchronization uses a cloud-based approach instead of using a desktop sync.

Easy updates:

Updating this operating system is not a pain! It can be updated without docking it to a computer. It also doesn’t bother you by sending the OS update messages over the carrier connection.

We, at Ecosmob Technologies, have a skillful LG WebOS developers who have a profound knowledge of this smart OS. We have recently launched WebOS related services in order to give our clients a never before experience to enjoy their favorite show on their LG televisions. Our key services include:

  • LG TV Content store app development
  • Magic remote for LG television
  • Launcher app development
  • Custom smart app development for smart TV and smart watch

If you want to get your app developed for smart TV or smartwatch, then we can help you. Reach us now to get free consultation!