Key Features To Keep In Mind While Designing Wearable Devices

Wearable Devices

Although wearable devices are limited at present, there is no doubt that the industry is going to boom in the near future. Speculations have been made that as smart phones are something that keeps you updated in this advanced technological world, the same thing is going to be integrated with smartwatches and smartglasses.

This is quite unexpected, but is true that the wearable application development will allow the users to take their experiences to the next level. There will be a number of spectacular integration with these wearable devices that one can consider, but the developer has to keep following 3 things in mind while designing wearable devices. Let’s have a glance over those features:

Stick to core features:

The first thing to consider is the device’s complexity. There must not have too many elements on the screen that makes it difficult for the users to interact with the device. Also, those who have poor vision will experience even more difficulty in viewing them. As a result, while designing more complex apps, it is important to incorporate multiple screen features that has simple, big UI elements.

Make it usable:

The next important consideration is to understand that wearable have smaller displays from where the user interaction takes place. So while designing wearable devices, it is necessary to make it user-friendly to make it more usable. For an instance, in the smartwatches, the Apple smartwatch application development has kept the screen size small and even the interaction with these devices just gets restricted to few gestures. So, it should be designed in a way that is easy to handle and is more usable.

Viewing wearables as device accessories:

As soon as the release of 2G or 3G wearable devices, there would be more interaction between different smart devices like tablets, phones, smartwatch, eyewear or even desktops. Ultimately, as you will design an app for the tablets or mobile, you can consider them as the secondary methods of inputs to these wearable devices.

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