Improved Business Unified Communications Dramatically Improve Productivity in Workplaces

Business Unified Communications

Adaptation is the key to success and this is nowhere more visible than in communications in business. Today’s generation has freedom of choice in the matter of choosing the channel they wish. Businesses must adapt to customers’ methods of communication. They must be fast, responsive, and even proactive rather than reactive. Try keeping track of bits and pieces of communications spread across channels and you will find it an exercise in frustration.

You can avoid this simply by switching to a Unified Communication solution. This solution becomes even more important and indispensable considering that internal communications and ways of working are disrupted by the pandemic. As a business owner, you now have the twin tasks of customer communications and internal communications to address to ensure productivity gains.

Collaborative conferencing

A spread out the workforce and higher demands from customers for prompt responses brings to the fore the importance of the conferencing feature of Unified Communication. If your current IP PBX communication platform does not have this feature it is easy to get UC development services to incorporate WebRTC through API integration. What this will get you by way of improvement in productivity at work:

Seamless interaction between employees, wherever they may be, regardless of whether they use desktop, laptop, or mobile. It becomes easy to access data, records of customers, share documents, and emails while collaborating through conferencing.
Employees can easily attend customers through audio or video calls which can easily turn into a conference call by drawing in colleagues and vendors at any point. You and your employees can get more done during the first interaction.

Confluence channels

Engaging a UC development services company to modify existing platforms or custom design one for you gives you the benefit of confluence channels of communication and incorporating those used most.

Incorporate Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Whatsapp. The integration gives employees a single dashboard view and access to these channels in addition to the usual ones like email, voice, SMS, and fax. It saves time since they can view activities, dive in, and respond or proactively communicate with customers and with each other. Ease of use reduced stress and speed translate to productivity gains.

Integrated CRM, no fumbling around

Employees spread out across various locations would find it a bottleneck to be deprived of access to vital customer data when they interact with customers. This need not be the case. The UC solution integrates into your CRM and even remotely located employees have access to customer data from their computers and smartphones. No fumbling around. No time-wasting. They can complete transactions to customer satisfaction quickly and efficiently. This gives a sense of achievement, pride, and positive motivation leading to more productivity for your business. Plus, everything goes on the record.

Easy management, control, administration

No system or method is perfect. You can always improve it provided you have centralized administration, monitoring, and control. This is what UC gives you: decentralized communication capability with centralized monitoring. If there is any glitch you can detect it and take action in time to ensure workflows proceed smoothly. You can even use analytics to identify pain points and weed out practices that impede productivity.

Ecosmob offers a custom unified communication solution as part of its UC development services. You can get one developed from scratch with just the modules you need. If you have an existing UC that needs to be tweaked, upgraded, or enhanced, Ecosmob’s team will be happy to carry out the mods and realign your UC to bring operational and productivity gains to the changed way of working. Call 1-303-997 3139 or 91 7778842856 as the first step to coherently cogent communications.