Agriculture Process Tracking Application

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Want to make crop production an efficient and profitable process?

Ecosmob offers tailor-made crop management application for managing tillage, seeding spraying, irrigation, fertilization, harvesting, and other farming tasks. Whether you want to improve productivity or control pests on your farm, our farm management application works.

Besides, our crop management application extends multi-tenant support for collecting extensive farming data. It also efficiently produces various kinds of harvesting, cultivating, and farming reports. Further, the application makes it simpler to access records for a number of companies registered on the platform, farmers with outgrower schemes, harvest volume, payments, and total value transacted. Seize the advantage of evolved technology for sustainable agriculture production through Ecosmob’s farm management solution.

Key Features

Real-time farm monitoring

Analytics & reports

Comprehensive traceability

Task scheduling

Record-keeping abilities

Farmers Survey Data

Why Ecosmob for Farm Management Application?

Post Deployment Services

Full-stack Development Team

Affordable Pricing Model

Agile Development Process

Source Code Authorisation

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