Enable Developer Mode in LG WebOS – A Step-by-step Guide


Every device works with the help of their operation systems (OS). OS is considered to be the heart of the devices whether it is a desktop or a mobile device.

We have talked a lot about Smart TVs for a few years. So, there is this one Linux-based operating system that helps run the Smart TV apps smoothly, named WebOS. It has various names like LG WebOS or Open WebOS

Developing an application for Smart TVs is not the end of our responsibility. We need to test them on the real Smart TVs. And for that, we need to have Developer Mode application that will help us with the testing of the Smart TV applications on the TVs.

As we have been in this Developer Mode application development, let’s draw you towards the step-by-step guide on setting up this application:

Prepare to Use The Developer Mode Application

1. To begin with, we need to have the Smart TV with webOS to be connected with the network

2. Now, setup a connection between the computer and the network

3. Ensure you have WebOS TV SDK installed in the computer

4. Now you are required to log in to the LG Developer site to utilize the Developer Mode. This means you need to be a member of the LG Developer portal site.

5. Now to become a member, visit http://developer.lge.com and create your account there. The same is the way when you create an account for a social networking site.

6. Once you are done with the registration process, move towards signing in with your username and password.

Install the Developer Mode Application
1. Switch on your webOS TV and test whether your webOS TV has a connection with the network.
2. Now when you are already logged in to the LG Developer portal site, go to the LG Store and search for “Developer Mode”.
3. Click on the Developer Mode application and press the “INSTALL” button.

Enable Developer Mode on Your Smart TV
1. Open the webOS TV Launcher and run the Developer Mode application.
2. Log in with your LG Developer ID and password.
3. Enable the Developer Mode by clicking on the Dev Mode Status. The status will be by default “OFF” at the beginning.
4. Now your webOS TV will reboot.

Connect webOS TV with CLI
1. Open webOS TV CLI and select ares-setup-device script and add the details of your TV
2. Then test the TV has been added or not with ares-select-device – list
3. In the Developer Mode, switch on the Key Server and get the key using the command – ares-novacom –device tv2 –getkey
4. Enter the exact passphrase present at the bottom left of the Developer Mode app screen in the following command input passphrase [default: webos]:
5. Use the command ares-install –device tv2 –list to test the connection between TV & PC.

* To connect webOS TV with IDE will be much easier and faster.

So now you are done with enabling the Developer Mode App in your Smart webOS TV. If you have any queries with configuring the Developer Mode App, Contact us and our team at Ecosmob Technologies will be more than happy to help you out.

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