Ecosmob Retail Class 5 Softswitch Solution The Perfect Replacement for End of Life Hardware Class 5 Switch


Class 5 softswitches are nothing new but the fact remains that carriers and service providers still use hardware class 5 switches to serve the retail segment. There are inherent issues with hardware switches so the sooner you make the switch to software-based solutions the more benefits you will enjoy.

Hardware switch is no longer viable

There are inherent advantages to class 5 softswitch so it is not surprising hardware-based solutions are on the decline. Maintenance is expensive and manufacturer-suppliers are phasing out support. It is not easy to find spares and parts and scalability is another problem. As if that is not enough there are issues of PSTN connectivity and ability to handle MF, ISUP, and SIP trunk groups and all the various codecs now in use for audio-video and the fact that mobile technologies must also be factored in. Service providers find it more expensive and passing on costs to end retail consumers is no solution given the intense competition. Frequent breakdowns and stoppage of service is not something customers like and this is likely to happen with legacy switches. The way out is to switch to retail class 5 softswitch solutions. Apart from doing away with bottlenecks and costs as well as the space required for hardware and power consumption, the transition to softswitch brings in other benefits.

Retail class 5 softswitch opens up opportunities

Pick an expert developer of class 5 switch to make the transition to software-based solutions that bring in more opportunities and greater benefits.

– Render redundant old hardware, save on power consumption, maintenance costs and payments to your employees to manage such equipment;

– Get custom class 5 switch, white-labeled, so you can create a unique brand identity for retail.

– Appoint dealers and sub-dealers with the facility to set unique billing rates for each and invoicing in the currency and language of choice.

– Offer a variety of prepaid and postpaid retail VoIP audio and video call services down to the last link in the chain, in addition to the PIN and PINless calling cards. Exploit all retail avenues that class 5 softswitch software solution offers.

Even more compelling reasons to transition to class5 softswitch

– Ecosmob, the prime developer of intelligent class 5 softswitch, offers various models to suit a client’s goal and working condition or business model in retail deployment.

– Get tailored class 5 softswitch with customization of technical features, language and billing features, if that is what fits your business.

– Go for hosted class 5 softswitch with a degree of customization. You are freed of the bother of maintaining software and upgrades. Simply ramp up or scale down with no limit on future expansion.

– Reduce chances of malfunctions and be assured of flawless, uninterrupted service delivery to delight customers.

– Admin console, management, and analytics feature for key performance metrics.

– Value-added services to expand revenue channels.

Ecosmob offers comprehensive services that help you to do away with legacy hardware switches and make the transition to retail class 5 softswitch to take advantage of emerging markets. From handholding to training to support, you receive complete solution and backup.