How to Create a Successful Digital Marketing Agency Plan?

Updated on: 27 Oct, 2022
How to Create a Successful Digital Marketing Agency Plan

Digital marketing has completely overtaken many marketing agencies. What started out as something trendy is now what every marketing agency needs to focus on – lest they find themselves left behind in the dust. Starting up a digital marketing agency makes sense when looked at from this perspective. It takes a company with a specialized online presence to know how to market their clients’ products and services from this perspective.

Coming up with a plan for a digital marketing agency isn’t that different than developing a marketing plan for a product. With that said, there are a few other things to keep in mind, including the number of employees that you’ll have and whether or not your investors will be happy.

In all, when you’re coming up with your next digital marketing agency plan, you need to go through a few, very important steps.

Target Markets

The very first step that every marketing plan – even one for an agency – involves determining who your target market is. Since you’re selling a business instead of a product, this might be a bit broader than usual. Many businesses take on as many varied clients as possible in the beginning in order to make ends meet.

However, this is a mistake. Instead, you need to focus on your niche and do it well.
Some digital marketing agencies work with bloggers and other influencers; some take on local clients and market their products; still, others have a handle on a certain product niche, like industrial metal stamping or the toy-producing industry. You need to determine exactly which client’s you’ll target and why.

Only then can you reach out to them and have them sign up for your services. You never want to stretch things too thin either, just take on what you know your employees can handle. However, that’s going slightly outside of the boundaries of a marketing plan!

Investors and Other Involved People

Yes, your investors and the principals in your company matter. They all have a financial stake in your business and want to see it succeed. This is why you do need to ask for their advice, check in with them every so often, and run some of your bigger ideas past them.

You don’t want to make your investors upset, so you need to keep them in the loop. This is what board meetings are for. Once you have a solid digital marketing agency plan in place, you can reach out to them and ask for their feedback. And then follow through with their suggestions, as long as they’re valid.

Social Media

Your digital marketing agency needs to have a strong social media presence to widen its online reach. Put yourself in your client’s shoes. Would you hire a digital marketing company that doesn’t have an updated Twitter or Facebook feed? One that makes you wonder whether or not they know what Instagram or Pinterest is? The answer is: of course not.

You may have to hire an employee just to deal with the social media aspect of your agency. This person will be responsible for keeping an eye on your numbers (followers, clicks, likes, and what have you), as well as updating the feeds and responding to inquiries. Since there’s a lot involved in managing this part of the business, even with software that allows you to schedule a week’s worth of posts at once, this is the job for one or two dedicated people.

You don’t want to have someone multitask and balance social media with other parts of the agency. (However, they can handle your client’s social media campaigns. There’s nothing wrong with that type of multi-tasking.)

Other Digital Efforts

Social media isn’t the only component of digital marketing. Other things, such as websites and online advertising matter as well. You’ll need to market your client’s products and services this way, so you need to know how to utilize every digital platform that exists. You need to understand SEO and link building. You need to know what a good blog looks like and how to get people to read it. There’s a lot involved in digital marketing – more than you probably thought.

Tracking Your Effectiveness

Finally, the most important part of creating a successful digital marketing agency is reveling in that success. This is done by tracking the effectiveness of every campaign. You need to have solid numbers to show your clients – and to get others. You can make use of multiple SEO and Social Media tools to get the best reports that can help you measure and track your efforts.

It’s very impressive if you can tell a potential client that your raised a current client’s Twitter presence tenfold, and helped sell a bunch of their products. Tracking those numbers is the job of several people, from your social media managers to your other employees. In the end, what really matters is how successful each marketing plan was, even the one for your own company.

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