CosmoPBX: An Apt Communication Solution for Any Bank

Updated on: 3 Nov, 2022

Each bank needs to serve a large number of consumers on a daily basis. No matter, how small or large-sized a bank is; or which country the bank belongs to. The bank must ensures to answer the queries of the consumers and provide the ongoing support to the staff. So banks can ensure the best customer support and empowered staff for smooth operations and improved ROI. One of the core requirements of any bank is the “communication”. CosmoPBX is a software which can satisfy the communication need of any sized bank with its advanced features in a cost-effective way. Wondering how? Let’s explore.

CosmoPBX is a PBX software which is developed by keeping the custom requirements of the banking industry in consideration. It has many features which ensures the intelligent and productive utilization of resources. It also decreases the communication and operational cost significantly. Some of the key features in favor of banking environment are summarized below:

Advanced Call Routing

Each call coming to the bank will be routed to the right departments and the right person. It uses an intelligent call routing methods which ensures that the customer call get answered and the customer receives the support he is looking for with minimum time and efforts. It removes the need of phone attendant.

Different Modes Like Weekend or Holiday

The banks usually has predefined holidays. Some banks also have different working hours on the weekends. The CosmoPBX, IP PBX solution has a value-added feature to apply custom settings. The bank can define the different working hours on normal days and weekends/ holidays. One may also define where the call should routed in the different set modes. This ensures that the customer doesn’t need to keep on dialing the calls and listening the rings. The customer may routed to the voicemail or to the concern person.


In the competitive banking industry, any bank manager or team lead needs to make sure that his team respond politely and correctly to the client. A small line of rage or silly comment by any executive may create adverse brand issues. The barge-in feature satisfies this need of the bank. The supervisor or manage of the bank can listen to the ongoing conversation between an executive and a customer, without letting them know. This may also help to mentor and measure the performance of the trainees.


Each bank has a few premium customers who deserve to get the premium services. It may happen that an executive miss the call of such premium client due to certain reasons. The redial feature can be used to reach such client and give him that special attention, he deserves without any further delays.

Remote Access Support

The CosmoPBx is a web-based PBX software. It is accessible remotely. One may check the voicemail, emails, reports, etc. from wherever he is. One may also receive the calls remotely. This empowers the staff by giving valued flexibility.

Connect Remote Branches As in One Roof

CosmoPBX provides a unique collaboration platform for the bank. A single CosmoPBX can be used to cater the communication need of different branches. It is a multi-tenant PBX solution so it can be used to provide the PBX services to all the branches, including national and international.

The above listed benefits are a few out of the plethora of benefits the CosmoPBX offers to the bank. Contact our staff to take a free demo and experience the richness of CosmoPBX.