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01 Aug 2014

Values for A Better Nation

By birth we have been listening about our values and culture. We all are getting lots of advice about values. What is right and what is wrong. What to do and what not to do. Just like knowledge, values are passed from one generation to next over the years. And these values are our identity. We are following same old values from years.. like pray to God every morning or go to temple every day.. Respect our elders and give importance to each human being.. Yoga and meditation are also our values only. Keep home clean and be a part of all religious activities.. These values have made our society. We are understanding our values and following those but have we ever thought of upgrade our values? Yes it seems odd.. But the way software needs to be upgraded, technology needs to be upgraded then why not our values. We are following our values which is good but we must come up with the values which can help us and to upcoming generations. New values which can help us build much stronger society and nation.

We always pass our religious values from one generation to next but what about the values of our nation. I believe those values are hardly considered while nurturing children. We should teach our children to respect our nation. That is our biggest value. They must take part in flag hosting events. They must stand up to give respect to our national anthem. We and new generation should follow traffic rules. Lets teach them how to keep roads clean the way we are teaching them to keep home clean. Ask them to use dustbins. Ask them to pay tax. Ask them to vote. Ask them to follow all the rules set by government. Oppose corruption and bribe. Real value is to protect our public properties. Real value is to contribute to the environment through plantation. I think this is a high time now. If we really want to compete with other nations we must learn to pass these values to next generation. And combination of our culture and values of nation can take our country to next level. Lets awake, upgrade & enlighten our values. Time has arrived… If not Today then when!!!

Maulik Shah
About Author: Maulik Shah, Director & Co-Founder of Ecosmob Technologies Pvt. Ltd. having expertise in Business Development, Project management, VoIP and Web software development.
Likes: Reading, Sports, Adventures, Travelling

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