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Android Application Development
02 Aug 2017

Top Ten Android App Development Trends are Here to Stay-Part 3

After the first and second parts of top Android app development trends, we are now concluding the blog with this final part covering two groundbreaking factors. Let’s start with the emergence of AI (Artificial Intelligence) concept in the app development domain:


  1. Android-AI Assistant- The Power of A’s

AI is a buzzword in the tech domain. In the current era when the global tech giants like Google and Apple are working on driverless cars and other ‘intelligent’ devices, Android platform cannot remain silent. We are already using voice assistants and chatbots on our mobile devices. But, we cannot restrict the AI technology to games as Google Assistant becomes smarter day by day. Android app developers can integrate Google Assistant in the apps to make their apps more useful, interactive, and advanced while offering task-solving abilities to the users. Google will keep on coming with updated and more sophisticated versions of assistant that would have improved features and intellectual skills in the future. The upcoming Android device will have an integration of the latest version of Google Assistant. Days are not far when we will have AI-based apps in our smartphones for managing even the harder tasks.

Android TV apps can use AI in a better way as such apps can get an advantage of a bigger screen and offer seamless performance with an uninterrupted Internet.


  1. Internet of Things- Evolves to Apps

The Internet of Things (IoT) is all set to become a major trend in developing customized Android apps in the year 2017 and beyond. The rapid adoption of cloud-based enterprise Android apps is responsible for the developers’ growing interest in the integration of IoT concept in the Android apps. The analysts have predicted that IoT market size will be USD 661.74 B by 2021. It directly impacts the mobile app trends and we cannot rule out that this major trend will remain in focus until 2021. Smartphones will act as an IoT device with such Android apps that have an IoT integration.
Well, that’s it for now! These ten Android app development trends are going to rule for the year 2017 and beyond. You can leverage all the benefits of technological advancements by implementing these trends and get the competitive edge over your peers.

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