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Top 3 ios prediction 2017
18 Jan 2017

Top 3 Predictions for iOS Development in 2017

iOS is an operating system which is popular among a specific class of people who can afford pretty expensive gadgets such as iPads or iPhones. This is the reason why iOS has always been under attention for various business owners. 2016 was the year that saw some remarkable trends and advancements in iOS app development.

This year is also going to rock. You may hear good news for your app development. Some experts have predicted a few trends for iOS development to look for in 2017. Let’s have a quick look at top 3 predictions:

1. iBeacon
Most businesses that are involved in mobile marketing, would wish to have a feature of location tracking for their application users. This will allow the businesses to personalize their service offerings. It’s the black side of iBeacon that if it’s used for Geo-location, it drains the batteries and irritates its users. So the iOS app developers who can work on this issue will have a good scope in 2017.

2. Swift coding
For iOS applications till now, Objective C coding has remained the mainstay. When, last year, Swift entered the coding game, a new set of frameworks and methodologies was seen by the app developers which were easier, simpler and more inclusive. This new set enabled them to use the Xcode tools to write the reliable codes. Apple also has recently launched Swift 2 with better and developer-friendly features. App developers are certainly going to love them because they aren’t only best for iOS but also for tvOS and WatchOS.

3. Security
As mobile commerce is exploding, security has become the biggest concern for users who are purchasing via their mobile apps. Using high-end security features are the developer’s responsibility in order to get the trust of app users. This also goes well with any entertainment application, especially a gaming app having imbedded advertising and purchasing. According to a survey by a renowned agency, almost 75% of mobile apps couldn’t meet even the basic security standards. This will not go long in 2017. iOS developers will need to learn Apple’s new guidelines and standards for higher security otherwise there are no chances of getting your iPad or iPhone app approved by the Apple’s app store.

Much advancement was seen in iOS app development last year and we will see many more such trends in the coming year. The Apple lovers are also hoping that they can soon see iOS 10 and iPhone 6C!

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