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OpenSIPs Development
28 Sep 2017

OpenSIPs Development- A Must-have for Unified Communication

Technically speaking, OpenSIPs is an open source SIP server developed for establishing and managing text, voice, and video-based communications. SIP Trunking allows the voice and data traffic in your business to be carried on a single private IP Virtual Private Network (VPN). It assists you to reduce overall line rental and bandwidth costs while simplifying maintenance process.

OpenSIPs is the software implementation of the technology to initiate the communication session over the Internet (or another type of data network). OpenSIPs can be used to serve thousands of calls, as they are designed to handle an excessive traffic. OpenSIPs development can be customized and deployed to accommodate all types of solutions for telecom companies, telecommunications enterprises, and mobile network operators.

The primary features of OpenSIPs software development are listed as follows:


  • Dialogue support: The dialogue module offers dialogue awareness to the OpenSIPS proxy. The functionality of dialogue support is to keep track of the current dialogues and to offer information about them.
  • IP Blacklist: OpenSIP software enables you to block calls from certain IP by simply blacklisting them as per your wish. Blacklist check aims at protecting you against the VoIP fraud and to minimize abuse on the publicly accessible PBX.
  • SIP security interface: Security is one of the primary features of SIP provider. OpenSIPs development comes with an extensive list of all types of attacks like toll fraud, denial of service(DOS), and privacy violation. DOS/DDOS can be responsible for the failure of your SIP server, that can interrupt services to your customers. Such risks can be greatly reduced by configuring the firewall between OpenSIPs and the internet.
  • Offers gateway to SMS: The SMS module enables easy way of communication between SIP and GSM networks. OpenSIPs software development facilitates SMS confirmation gateway to the SIP user and vice-versa.


The business benefits of OpenSIPs software development can be compiled as under:


  • Easy setup and integration: OpenSIP server is easy-to-setup and can be readily integrated with several modules like CDR module, configuration utility module, an event-based routing module, etc.
  • Flexibility: OpenSIPS includes application-level functionality and has an extremely flexible and customizable routing engine that allows the unification of voice, IM, and Video due to its modular design.
  • Reducing costs: OpenSIPs software enables real-time billing and route calls at the lowest rates. Both postpaid and prepaid rating can be set for multiple concurrent sessions with varying balance units.


OpenSIPs development enables a single server to perform multiple functions. In brief, it is fair to mention that when it comes to managing the business communication system with the utmost efficiency, OpenSIPs offers a strong support. An OpenSIPs software can assist companies to establish unified communication with desired features.  

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