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31 Dec 2013

Annual Cosmo Fest

This year Ecosmob had chain of celebrations on foundation anniversary. There were lots of events. Here I am writing about my experience and learning from this Annual Cosmo Fest. Before few days of the Ecosmob’s birthday, our directors had announced that this year we were going to celebrate annual festival with chain of events. On that day they have announced the 4 captains for the teams which were going to lead the team for all events. The captains’ names were Foram Patel, Paresh Patel, Kashyap Dhamecha and Malay Patel. Yes, I was announced as a captain. Then captains had given chance to write down quality of team leader and according to that captain could select their team members. As I was on last position I had not more choice to choose the member. Situation was like members were given to me after three captains chosen their team. Directors had divided all employees in four groups and we the captains had to select one by one member from the groups. After the team selection was over team had given time to decide name of their team. We have decided our team name “The Mavricks” and it also suited our team because I had a team which had employees with different designation like BDM, Tester, Designer, Developer and Trainee. Following were the team members.

Team Names Prometheans Eco-Challengers The Incredibles The Mavericks
Captain Kashyap Dhamecha Foram Patel Paresh Patel Malay Patel
Vice-Captain Deval Shah Aniruddh Bhilvare Jaimin Kansara Bhaskar Metikel
Members Komal Mistry Pratik Tank Krunal Patel Jay Raval
Manish Shethia Khushal Fadiya Parul Chotalia Twisha Mankad
Bhagirath Vaghela Bharat Lalcheta Hiten Dudhatra Mayank Shukla
Paresh Gehlot Radhika Thumar Nirali Soni Hardev Joshi
Chandresh Kalani Bonil Mehta Ashvini Vyas Bhavika Patel

On the first day, first sub event was Quiz Competition. We all enjoyed that event. All questions were from different fields like politics, sports, films, technology etc. Prometheans won that quiz event. On that day next big event was announced and it was debate.

For Debate, in the first round there were four topics: Use of Technology-For, Use of Technology-Against, Use of Mobile in company-For and Use of Mobile in company-Against. Around 1 week of time was given to all teams. On the day of event in first round two teams were Mavericks and Prometheans and their topic was use of technology. From my team we have decided Bhaskarbhai, Hardev and Twisha for first round. From Prometheans participants were Bhagirath, Deval and Paresh. There were good rules of debate given by the judges so everyone can present them well in debate. All participants had presented different arguments for their topics. We had topic use of technology-for so it was easy to list out points but we were one step ahead in thinking of opponent’s point that help us to defend counter points.

In second round, there were two teams Eco-Challengers and The Incredibles and their topic was Use of Mobile in company. Both the team had represented their views on the topic. From Eco-challengers Aniruddh, Pratik and Foram had participated and from The Incredibles Krunal sir, Parul and Hitenbhai had participated. Both teams had represented their topic nicely. I hope after this round of debate, judges had not thought to ban mobile in company premise.

After first two rounds, judges had announced result of two rounds and the winners were going for debate in third round. Winner of first round was The Mavericks and the winner of second round was Eco-Challengers. Judges had given us 1 hour time for lunch and preparation of next round and in next round topic was Multitasking which was not given before it was decided by judges on the spot. The Mavricks were going to speak against multitasking and eco-challengers were going to speak in favor of multitasking. From my team me, Maynak and Jay had participated in third round. From Eco-challengers one team member was absent so they had 5 point penalty and Pratik was going to participate again in third round other two participants were Khushal and Radhika. We had discussed pros and cons of multitasking. In that third round Eco-challengers won by may be 2-3 points. But over all Debate was won by The Mavricks.

After the Debate there were two games. Game 1 was like collecting the
smiley balls. In that game one member of team was throwing balls to two other members they were hitting the balls by plastic bat and pass the ball to the other two members and after catching the ball, last two members were throwing the ball in 3 baskets, each basket had different points. I hope you can imagine this game it is hard to explain the game here. In this game Prometheans & The Mavericks were combine winners.

Game 2 was like modified version of dump shell art. In this game half of team were going to perform the song which they got from the chits and other half of the team were trying to identify the song and after the identification they had to answer the question based on that song like: director, producer, Screenplay, writer, music director, cinematography etc. It was the game to check knowledge of bollywood In this game The Mavricks was winner.

In the end of the day judges had declare results of every sub events and also explained good points and bad points of participants in debate. They had also announced next event. It was drama.

For Drama, around two weeks of time was given to all the teams for preparation of drama. Every team had to choose drama from which they can convey some message. Regarding drama it was hard to do practice in working days because every team member could not have time for practice at the same time. That’s why I was in favor of on the spot events. Every team had unique concept to represent their drama story. Videos will be available soon on YouTube so you can see all dramas there. I am not writing about drama because when you will watch on YouTube, you will enjoy each moment and dialog.

On that day next event was Pass the Rope. In this game all team members were holding each other’s hands and make the circle. Every person had to pass oneself from the rope. The team who had maximum number of persons passing the rope won the game. Prometheans was the winner of that game.

There were Vocabulary Games like Vocabulary King and Guess the word. In Vocabulary King every team had one alphabetical character given and team members had written maximum spellings which starts with the alphabetical character given to them. In second round of the Vocabulary King, every team had to written maximum spelling which ends with the alphabetical character given to the team. In Guess the word game, 2 members were trying to explain the word to other team with synonyms and other team members had to identify it within time limit. Vocabulary games were also won by Prometheans.

About Author:Malay Patel, Jr. Software Developer working on VoIP technology at Ecosmob Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Likes: Internet Surfing

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