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Android TV App Development
15 May 2017

Android TV App Development By Experts Results in Smoothest Experience for End User

Android TV, IPTV or smart TV is not things of the future. They are here in the present and, with the availability of smart set top boxes and smart TVs, allow users to seamlessly cast contents from their mobile devices to TVs for a large screen experience. Android TV apps have been around for some time and are gaining momentum with more and more entertainment channels offering smart TV apps for android devices.

Android TV app development is not without its pitfalls and it requires expertise in smart TV app development to offer a seamless experience. Entertainment companies looking to enter this profitable segment and tap into a huge user base would naturally employ developers for android TV app development but it pays to select them with care.

Visibility from a distance
It requires more than professional expertise in deploying Android TV specific code, leanback support library and APIs. From the user perspective one must consider how the screen will appear from a distance. The TV, whether it is vanilla HD or full HD requires displaying text and graphics that, considering a normal viewing distance of 10 feet, must be legible and easily decipherable. Expert android TV app developers factor in the screen resolution and deliver an interface that automatically resizes to suit various screen sizes with the use of right font styles and sizes for easy visibility.

Interactivity and navigation
Interactivity is another important feature of android TV app development where developers must provide a horizontal landscape layout to suit the TV orientation and allow interactivity with limited controls such as up/down arrow keys, highlighting interface elements with visual cues such as animation, brightness or opacity in a simple, uncluttered screen. Experts in smart TV app development also know how TVs work and can clip the edges of content so they include overscan using v17 Leanback library that applies overscan safe margins in the app. The result is a smooth user experience, even for those who are unfamiliar with how android systems work.

Experienced professionals in smart TV app development go beyond the simple android TV experience in that they offer IPTV based solutions that VoIP service providers can leverage to generate revenues by streaming on demand videos and games. Choosing a knowledgeable developer is important, as one can see and ecosmob, with its experience in VoIP and IPTV, is the smart choice for smart TV app development.

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